NUTRIRAM 50 PB – Copper oxychloride

Non-organic fertilizer with one microelement. It can be used on all plant species, and particularly on fruits, vegetables, grains and industrial plants, on carbonated soils, on soils with neutral, low or highly alkaline reaction, and on organogenic soils or on plants that are grown on organic substrate. It is particularly indicated for foliar nutrition of grains on carbonated soils, where a latent Copper deficiency is most frequent.


200-300 g/100 l, foliar, diluted and applied at concentration 0,1-0,2 %.

Time of application

Mostly in the phenophase of intensive plant growth, while for stone fruits (peach, apricot, prune, cherry, almond) exclusively in fall and winter. The number of treatments during the year: 1 – 3 times per year, at the beginning of the vegetative period and several times in nutrition.

Limitations in application

It should never be used in flowering phenophase in all plant species.