Protifert LMW

Protifert LMW is a biostimulator for foliar application based on amino acids with low molecular weight (LMW). Products based on high-quality amino acids help plants reach their full genetic potential and improve stress tolerance during the production process. Protifert also has a carrier role, improving absorption of other nutrients and pesticides through natural chelation.

Why amino acids?

Amino acids participate in all physiological processes fostering growth of vegetative parts, help photosynthesis, fertilization, germination and fruit growth, improving water regime. Empirical research and application show that products with amino acids improve plant resistance to stress by exposure to heat, draught, over watering, damage by hail, insects and other unfavorable production conditions. Amino acids are a component of proteins, which plants use in their metabolism to satisfy several needs: construction of plant organs, chlorophyll synthesis, opening and closure of stomas, maturation improvement, stimulation of overall resistance to unfavorable environmental conditions.
Through the additional intake of ready amino acids in stressful conditions, the plant saves energy and recovers earlier. This saved energy improves the growth of vegetative mass, yield and quality. Amino acids act as chelating agents, resulting in improved intake efficiency of foliar nutrients and pesticides.

Advantages of Protifert LMW

It promotes yield increase, improving fruit quality, its application is safe and it can be mixed with other products used for plant protection, regulates plant nutrition and promotes efficient use of micro and macro elements, increases efficiency of systemic pesticides, activates enzymes, improves fertilization and it is compatible with most other products for plant protection.