Boron (B) water soluble ………………… 2 %

Basic characteristics

CMC-B is a Boron based fertilizer that promotes plant growth and development.
CMC-B can be used on all types of vegetables, fruits and field crops in all development phases, also in protected areas.

Dosage and application

CMC-B is used diluted 200-300 ml / 100 l of water, or 3 l / ha.
It is advisable to perform treatment during the colder part of the day and cover the vegetative mass with the solution.
It can be used in organic agriculture in conformity with EC Regulation CE 834/2007 and 889/2008.

CMC-B is a Boron based fertilizer, but it shows efficient effects in suppression of insect populations through mechanical action.


CMC-B has a fast contact effect and high efficiency in all phases of insect development. It acts efficiently on soft body insects such as Cacopsilla Pyri (Pear psylla, particularly efficient on adult larvae), spider mites and codling moth.

CMC-B acts through a physical mechanism: it partially cleans vegetation of honeydew and finally causes death of the insect by blocking its respiratory passages.

Time of application

Start application when the first aimed insects appear. Later treatments are applied after 12 – 15 days. Dosage is from 2 to 4 l/ha, depending on crops, with the application of over 1000 liters of water per hectare. CMC-B can be also used in treatments with lower quantities of water, in respect of the indicated dosage per hectare.


The product must not be mixed with Coper based products, foliar fertilizers containing Ca, Mg and Fe, chelates, chlorothalonil and fossetil-Al. These products can be applied before, but never after.

In application it is advisable to respect an interval of 7 – 9 days.

CMC-B can be mixed with all active substances as are: Abamectine, Chlorpirifos, Carpocapsa granulovirus, Emamectine, Captan, TMTD, Ziram, Tebuconazol. The product has high rinsing resistance, it adheres strongly to treated surfaces.