Natural, powerful biostimulant activating cell division process and increasing commercial yield




Product features

Bioup® is a powerful biostimulant based on micro-elements in connection with a complex of natural phytohormones and a new class of extracellular enzymes, promoting uniform and balanced plant growth. Bioup® affects the main growth factors, renewing and stabilizing essential metabolic functions. It shows great effect on cellular division improving ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) synthesis, providing the plant with the energy required for growth and greater production potential. ATP is continuously produced in the system (not stored), and the greater immediate production provides immediately greater energy sources in the system.
After the application of the biostimulant, all substances in the plant are gathered and absorbed until an adequate balance is reached, increasing plant activity on a biochemical level. Consequently, biological plant functions such as absorption, assimilation, synthesis and accumulation of components are more dynamic and more efficient.

One of the main functions of the product is to promote and intensify the process of cellular division in fruit sprouts and berries, seeds and nuts, as in hops and vegetables. The use of the fertilizer determines the development of fine and useful fruits, cones and vegetables. Moreover, Bioup® allows for the development of a large assimilation surface through the increase of leaf surface. Lastly, the product promotes efficient intake of nutrients during foliar treatment.

The formulation of Bioup® is based on Entri® technology, which, besides main components, provides additional substances such as dispersants, penetrators, extracts and plant substances activating its action.

Because of the specificity of the product, the first treatment is recommended before bloom or at the end of the blooming phase, after the petals fall. Subsequent treatments should be performed in 10-day intervals. In order to assure the maximum efficiency, while using Bioup® the preparation of a mixture with nutritive fertilizers is recommended – especially the ones from the Grow More® and Grow More® Special line or Maki Plek® micronutrient fertilizer.


Boron (B) 0,5%
Zinc (Zn) 1,6%

Benefits of use

+ affects the ongoing cell divisions, increasing the size of the fruit
+ improves the organoleptic properties of fruit, such as hardness and dry matter
+ increases the surface of assimilation (increase in leaf size)
+ increases plant resistance to climate change and environmental stress such as drought or frosts
+ ensures effective uptake of nutrients and their proper management in the plant
+ reduces apical dominance of shoots, improving the habit of plants
+ positively affects the quality of fruit during storage

Notes on the use

Bioup® can be used both by foliar application and through fertigation, in all types of agricultural and horticultural crops. To ensure optimal use and absorption of the fertilizer, it is recommended to perform treatments in the temperature range of 12 – 25°C.
Do not use fertilizer in combination with growth regulators, herbicides and high pH products. Do not exceed the recommended dose. A maximum of three to four treatments can be performed during one growing season.

Recommended doses for single treatment

1 – 2 l/ha

0,5 – 1 l/ha